Third Point Press, "WE ALL HAVE TO COME HOME SOMEDAY" and "Of Course It's About Race", 2017, September

Rejected Lit Poetry, "Three Days After The Election", 2017, May

Freezeray Poetry, Issue #11: "Han Solo Confronts Fatherhood in Six Parts", 2016, September

Unbound Literary Journal, Vol IX, Issue I: "Next Earthquake", 2015, September

Recorded Poetry

"The Shotgun Cabinet" (With Alex Dang), CUPSI 2016 Finals (Button Poetry)

"The Shotgun Cabinet" (with Alex Dang), CUPSI 2016 Write About Now Cypher

"Letter to the CEO of Jurassic Park", CUPSI 2016 Write About Now Cypher

"I CONSTANTLY THANK GOD FOR THE HOUSE PARTY" (With the UO Poetry Slam Team 2016), CUPSI 2016 Write About Now Cypher